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Your whole being is important to us. At each level, we have professionals waiting for you to answer the call for healing. 

Important Questions

  • Q: Where are you located?

    Opening to Life is located at: 407 NE 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97232  Click here for directions

    Phone: (503) 234-8323   Fax: (503) 232-7440

  • Q: Can you describe the area around Opening to Life?

    Opening To Life 407 NE 12th Ave. Portland, OR is a few blocks south from the Max Train, an easy walk from hotels and a major shopping mall with 2 movie theaters called Lloyd Center and 3 blocks north of a street with many restaurants, clubs and shops called Burnside St.  We are 10 blocks above the green towers of the Moda Center and the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

  • Q: How do I get to Opening to Life from the airport?

    Directions From Airport: It's an easy trip to Opening to Life from the airport. You take the MAX train (very easy, just at the end of the terminal) and get off at the Lloyd Center stop (takes about 15 minutes on the train). It's a long 4-block walk to Opening to Life. Lots of restaurants nearby! You can easily come here and not need to rent a car.

  • Q: How do I get downtown from Opening to Life?

    To go downtown, The Pearl District or to Powell’s books, you would walk south to east Burnside (3 blocks), turn right and walk down 12 blocks and across the Burnside bridge, and up to SW 10th ave.  The Pearl district is behind or north of Powell’s books, while downtown would be to your left or south.  



Opening to Life is a community of wholistic practitioners dedicated to providing a sanctuary of healing and transformation.

Through each of our disciplines we bring love, Spirit, integrity and professional expertise to support your journey of opening to life! 

May our collective service bring compassion to our world.


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