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Hi, I am Leah.

I will be your guide back home.


I have a passion for diving deep into the body, mind & spirit and have traveled many different paths to quench the internal thirst of ancient wisdom to bring balance into my existence.

Yoga found me in the year 2001, and I will never forget my first class with Patrick Harrington in Denver, CO.  It was Bikram class and I could not believe all the sweat pouring out of my body for 90 minutes.  I could not believe how energized I felt afterwards and compared this to all the other activities I have tried, I was hooked!

After being laid off from my corporate job in 2001, I decided to answer the deep calling I first heard 15 years ago...massage therapy school.

My massage practice is comprehenisive and includes some of the following:

Maya Abdominal Therapy & Maya Spiritual Healing

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy & Lymphatic Breast Care

Holistic Pelvic Care

Deep Tissue, Sports and Ashiatsu Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage


My mother died in 2009 and this sent me into a very deep state of self-reflection.  At my darkest time, I barely had the energy to get out of bed to take care of myself, I stopped having periods, my thyroid went hypo, I gained 50 pounds from eating to feed the lack of love in my life, moved away from my community, stopped being social and binge watched Hulu https://v..c-viagra/

November of 2014, I made a choice to live again and to find my way back home in my body.  Since I am a forever student, the best approach for me was to immerse myself into yoga and ayurveda.  

This was often challenging for me, because of my present state (Vikruti) was not in alignment with my nature (Prakruti).

Through Ayurveda and Yoga, I learned to have compassion for my present state of being and found a couple of teachers along the way to be my cheerleaders and to culitvate a loving relationship with my body.

I have found my way home again and know what it feels like to be in balance with my body, mind & spirit.

It is not always easy to stay in a balanced state, however, with the practical and deeply meaningful strategies I have in my toolbox, coming home to myself often takes only a few minutes of breathing, eating a slice of ginger or going outside and let the sun shine on my face.


​Nowadays, I advocate a Slow Life (Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome, Learning, Fun, Experiences).

This means that I spend time in nature as much as possible, internally singing mantras, experimenting in the kitchen, walk to the co-op daily for my food, play with my four legged family, playing banana grams & chess and practice yoga daily...even if it is just one asana (posture) for 5 minutes.

I am also studying Ayurvedic Astrology.

My dosha is Pitta-Kapha

Ruling Planet is Mercury



Leah Hansen