Opening To Life Studio

We also offer our studio space for on-going classes and special events.

Contact Dr. Raymond Diaz at 503-231-0424 for more information.

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The studio is approximately 700 sq. ft. There is an excellent four channel stereo with a CD and tape player. You can also use the receiver to play your audio from an ipod or laptop computer. A small TV and VCR can also be made available. The closet contains 30 chairs. Ambiance can be created with three lighting options that can be controlled by three different dimmer switches. 

For renting information contact Dr. Raymond Diaz at 503-231-0424.

 There is a bench along the south end of the studio. Underneath is stored 2 beautiful carpets with pads to unroll if you want a carpeted space.

 Participants in your event may store their shoes in the hallway. There are 2 bathrooms on this floor and two more on the first floor. There is some storage for ongoing classes.

 The studio can be climate controlled separately from the rest of the building.

 The studio comes equipped with a mini-fridge, microwave, filtered water, hot water, and innumerable varieties of tea.

 Studio Fees and policies

Weekdays: before 4:30pm $15/hour - 2hour minimum

Weekday afternoons: 4:30 to 6:30pm $34/week - $130/month

Weekday evenings: 6:45 to 10:30pm $54/week - $210/month

Friday nights only: 6:45pm and on $90

Saturday nights only: 6:45pm and on $110

Sunday nights only: 6:45pm and on $70 - For ongoing event $60

Single week end day: all hours $235

Saturday and Sunday: all hours $310

All weekend: Friday night after 6:45pm All hours Saturday and Sunday $360

Your time is confirmed once we recieve your signed contract and non-refundable deposit of 1/2 fee.

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Call Dr. Raymond Diaz for your reservation. 503-231-0424