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Shannon Pernetti

(503) 234-1493

Services: Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Non Dual Groupwork, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Growthwork, Study Groups, Supervision for Therapists & Bodyworkers, Training Groups

I work with adults and couples

Appointments: Weekdays and early evenings

Payment: 115.   Sliding scale available for long term work. (We look at your financial situation and set a fee that allows you to feel you can do the work you want/need to do)

Therapy Styles: Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Integral Therapy, Non-Traditional Couples Therapy, Non Dual Psychotherapy

Behind your persona, shadow & deep coping patterns from cultural and family imprinting, lies your true Self, waiting to be catalyzed and nurtured. This journey takes courage, a love of truth and a strong Mentor. I invite you to take this transformational journey to the Self!

There are certain ways you are in relationship with yourself and others that keep your deep Core Patterns in place. These must change to open the door for your true self to emerge and spontaneously order your world in a new and loving way. Together, we began the journey of naming and shifting these small, often unconscious ways of holding your old patterns in place. As in any good journey, this moves us into a more unknown landscape which challenges your fears and brings out your strengths. It catalyzes the larger force of your Soul’s purpose, which can then begin to navigate your life in a new and satisfying way. I have been in Private Practice for over thirty five years and have always been mentored by master psychotherapists. I am changed by journeying with you as you are changed by journeying with me!

For more information: Call (503) 234-1493 Other websites:

Pattern Reading: Your Core Archetypal Patterns attract patterns that have the same resonance, and they push away patterns that are different. You solidified those early patterns in very different circumstances than you live in today. Much of what you would like to have in your current life may have a very different archetypal nature – which is being repelled by your Core Archetypal Patterns. After you gain an awareness of them, and begin to release them, your life shifts to what you are really wanting! Try the new technology of Archetypal Pattern Analysis (a new field, developed from a 30 year study of all the many disciplines that study patterns).

I also offer:

Integral Study Group

Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and Application are studied

Weekly on Wednesdays    1:00 to 2:30pm

Held at: 407 NE 12th Portland, Oregon

Fee: $ 5-15 a session on a sliding scale

Please call for a free informational interview

Training Groups and Workshops in Archetypal Pattern Analysis.

Please go to for current workshops and trainings offered. 

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