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Raymond Diaz, N.D.

(503) 231-0424

Services: Men's Groups, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Growthwork

What to say that actually matters, I don’t know. I know that I love and have been loved. I’ve been seeking the truth for as long as I’ve been conscious of awareness. It seems such a paradox that the more of a nobody I am, and don’t know, the more functional and useful and loving a being I have become, and true self-esteem blossoms.

“I’m a Cuban man” is one of the stories. Son, brother, father, doctor, group leader, spiritual counselor, minister, recovering addict, divorced, remarried, stepfather, mentor, friend, disabled, faced death, sat with many who have died, singer, athlete. All stories, all useful, and all in the way. All grist for the engines of acceptance, surrender, and letting go. The present moment rises to be what it is.

I have had great teachers, I am very grateful. I love what I get to do. To present an atmosphere where defenses are not needed, where we can slowly come undone. Our suffering needs a floodplain where we are heard over and over, while at the same moment we remember that there is something in us, in all of us, that is awake and complete. We stand together, where all is accepted, while never making the immoral okay. Here we will call on skillful means, therapeutic techniques and spiritual practices, as needed to strengthen our knowingness and the feeling that we belong in our lives given all present circumstances, for our individual and collective flowering.

I love the processing and deconstruction of this train wreck, meat grinder, beautiful, and miracle opportunity-filled experience that we call life, each of us finding our way back to where the next moment appears, where the moment blossoms. Everything is useful, our pain and suffering, our joy and happiness. I love the path of self discovery, the learning to have relationships with ourselves and others, living our lives aligned with our core values.

I work with individuals, couples, and groups. It would be my pleasure to sit with you and make our way to what is true.

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